As soon as I learned about the dangers of drinking fluoride, I purchased a filter system.  I could not be happier with my decision.  Being a mother of 3 young children, I could not bare the thought of my kids drinking poison!!!  My tap water tastes much more clean and fresh.  I would highly recommend this filtration system to anyone who drinks fluoridated water!

– Mary


The filter is great!  It makes my water tastes so much better!  Installing the filter wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done but my physical and mental health is sure worth it.

– Jake H.


Fluoride is a poison, even my toothpaste bottle says so! Installing a reverse osmosis system is a no brainer!

– Danny


There are much toxins in our drinking water than fluoride.  Reverse osmosis is the only method that removes them all.  KTROSYS is the most cost efficient model that I found online.  So far I have had no issues and would highly recommend that everyone stops drinking fluoride ASAP!

– Kenneth G.


It was kind of hard to install but my husband figured it out just fine.  I am now a proud drinker of purified water!

– Dawn


I am so happy that there is a way to filter our tap water!  I had no idea about fluoride until I came here and got a filter.  This is a serious issue and I’m glad we are taking action!  Thank you so much.

-Percy Jackson


DON’T DRINK THE POISON!!  Get the filter.  I’m loving my clean water thanks to mine.

– Dante


Everyone needs one of these fluoride filters.  I can’t believe we are being poisoned like this!

– Chris


Great product.  Thank you.

– Faith



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