Fluoride Facts

Did you know?

  • Fluoride is considered to be a poison in all but one European country.

  • Fluoride is the only chemical added to drinking water for the purpose of medication.

  • Fluoride is the main ingredient in rat poison and many anti-depressants.

    Source: www.fluoridealert.org


 How to

remove fluoride from tap water:

KTROSYS Anti-Fluoride Reverse Osmosis Filter System

This state of the art reverse osmosis 4 step filter system provides you and your family with the purest home-filtered water available.  And best of all its fluoride FREE!

  • Filter #1 removes sediment, rust, dirt, and other solid debris.
  • Carbon filter #2 removes fluoride, chlorine, and odor.
  • The reverse osmosis membrane removes dissolved metals and salts, plus other harmful contaminants.
  • A storage tank holds the high quality, fluoride free water until needed.
  • When needed, the water will pass through a final filter which removes tastes, odors and organic chemicals.
  • Finally, you will get to enjoy fresh, clean, fluoride free water in your own home.

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